Breaking down boundaries and embracing what we don't know - Q&A with Katie Womersley

Katie Womersley is joining us at Women of Silicon Roundabout in June to share her lessons from a wealth of experience in tech. We asked her what she's most excited for at this year's event.
breaking boundaries


Katie Womersley leads the engineering team at Buffer, a leading tech company with a global presence but no offices – the company is 100% remote. Katie joined us at Women of Silicon Roundabout, the London leg of our Women in Tech World Series.

We asked Katie to tell us her advice for new starters in tech, and what she’s looking forward to most at our event.

 Women in Tech Scotland comes to the EICC Edinburgh on 3rd September 2019. To request a brochure for the event, click here.

In a few sentences, can you give our readers a summary of what you’d like to share at the event?

I’ll be sharing my experiences building and scaling remote teams, which I believe is a key part of making tech, and the working world, more diverse and inclusive to working moms, families, and people who choose to live outside major urban centres. The most exciting trend I’m seeing in tech is toward openness, pan culturalism and breaking down geographic and mental boundaries, and I see doing remote work well as key to accelerating this important change.

What advice would you give to those starting out in a career in tech?

Embrace not knowing. Tech is always changing, so embracing asking questions, having a beginner’s mind, and seeking to learn will stand you in good stead. It also means that for those eager to really lean in it’s possible to have rapid career growth.

What's a typical day like for you?

My day is about half meetings, with other area leaders, my own team and direct reports, and their direct reports. I like to start early to catch folks in Europe (we’re globally distributed!) and get some heads down time. My afternoons are usually quieter and focussed on the bigger strategic initiatives we need to move engineering forward, like our hiring and onboarding processes and how to scale communication structures as we grow.

What do you like to do during your downtime to reboot from work?

Gardening! I have a lot of houseplants. I also spend weekends outside the city in a tiny house on wheels in rural BC. It’s a completely different pace and way of living, and it restores my energy and perspective.

What are you most looking forward to at Women of Silicon Roundabout?

Connecting with and learning from all the amazing women in our industry, whether you’re newly in tech and bringing so much curiosity and passion, or an industry veteran who’s got so much wisdom to share. I can’t wait.

 Women in Tech Scotland comes to the EICC Edinburgh on 3rd September 2019. To request a brochure for the event, click here.