'This year’s agenda speaks for itself!': Q&A with Ivona Vickovic, Principal Design Engineer @ Cirrus Logic

Ivona Vickovic speaks to us about her role in the technology sector and shares her thoughts on Edinburgh's Women in Tech Scotland, taking place 3rd September 2019

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Ivona Vickovic is a Principal Design Engineer working in the Design Services team at Cirrus Logic. She has 14 years of experience in the electronics industry, starting out as an analogue design engineer, progressing to chip lead and product ownership roles, with a blend of technical and strategic focus.

In her current role, Ivona is responsible for identifying design automation needs, to enable development of high-quality audio products in the business. She manages associated software development projects to deliver required design automation to R&D teams worldwide. Ivona is passionate about knowledge sharing, quality, cross-cultural collaboration and teamwork, with the latter extending to her sporting interests: basketball and tennis.

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Ivona will be sharing her knowledge at Women in Tech Scotland, taking place 3rd September. Join her there and secure your spot today.


Please tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got to where you are today.

Those closest to me describe me as someone who is fulfilled by forming and growing social relationships. This stems from my childhood years, where I witnessed badly broken connections between people in war-torn Bosnia, my home country. Growing beyond and above divisions has ever since been a driving positive force in all aspects of my life.

My other passion is application of science and engineering to everyday technology. I work in the Design Services team at Cirrus Logic, a global leader in semi-conductor audio solutions. Cirrus Logic is truly a great place to work, recently voted as one of the top ten best places to work in UK in the large company category.

Throughout my career, I have worked in design engineering roles, progressing to chip lead and design automation product ownership, with a blend of technical and strategic focus.

Why have you decided to get involved with Women in Tech Scotland?

I first attended Women in Tech Scotland last year and was so impressed by the quality of speakers, relevance of content in all areas: business strategies, leadership, diversity and inclusion and technical trends. It was a cut above similar events attended in the past. So, when I got asked if I’d like to speak at this year’s event, I was delighted as it’s a perfect platform to share with and gain knowledge from other attendees.

What are you speaking about at the conference?

My talk will be on bridging teams in a global business, where business and tech teams are separated by not just floors, but sometimes several time zones. When a business invests in cross-team relationships and knowledge sharing, communication across teams improves, enabling collaboration and ideas to formulate into successful product deliveries, which ultimately drive business success. In the talk, I’ll share more on those concepts and back them up with practical examples of successful bridging efforts at Cirrus Logic.

What excites you about design in the tech industry?

We are faced with more use cases requiring integration of tech into real life applications. A significant portion of these applications requires high-quality audio and associated control. This plays perfectly into our domain here at Cirrus Logic and means our R&D teams and designers have a healthy pipeline of complex requirements to drive creative minds to innovate and deliver compelling solutions.

Development flows and associated infrastructure need to stay in sync or be ahead of market demands to enable cutting-edge development to take place. Figuring out a way how to address and bridge both areas in order to get the best for the business keeps us excited and busy!

Why should people attend Women in Tech Scotland?

To connect, share with and learn from other attendees. The connections we make will help form networks and boost technology collaboration in Scotland and beyond. It’s a fantastic conference and this year’s agenda speaks for itself!

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What’s a typical work day like for you?

My typical day will differ depending on the phase we’re in with a given project or set of projects I’m managing. In addition to everyday team communication, I will be either writing requirements, creating architecture or roadmap proposals, managing stakeholders, working on release content planning with developers, organising and planning releases or working on organisation and delivery of technical knowledge shares and training. Variety rocks!

Why are women so crucial to the continued growth of the tech sector?

Cognitive, cultural, and gender diversity is an important factor in conversion of new ideas into real-life tech. Tech needs to be relevant and applicable to whole society so, in order to remove unconscious bias in implementation, we should keep investing in and encouraging broader participation of more women and other under-represented groups in the world of tech development.

What are you doing to promote women in tech at Cirrus Logic?

Despite the small number of female electrical engineers in the UK, we remain focused on attracting new talent and developing our workforce — particularly our female engineers. We are working aggressively as a company and with other organisations to broaden the appeal and participation of females in STEM careers. We believe we can impact the future and that our journey will never be complete. Each day, Cirrus Logic strives to build a great company by supporting exciting career paths for both women and men and working closely with engineering societies to promote STEM careers and advancing workforce diversity and equality

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What advice would you give to women who want to pursue a career in STEM?

Do it! Don’t be put off by outdated perceptions or stereotypes of those around you, work on changing them. Compared to when I was starting out in the industry, there is more awareness and focus on women in STEM, so make the most of this supportive framework that continues to expand worldwide.

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