Women in Tech Scotland 2019: 4 sessions and what you'll learn from them

July 8, 2019 | Georgina Varley

Women in Tech Scotland Speakers

We checked in with four of our inspirational speakers ahead of this year's Women in Tech Scotland, taking place 3rd September at EICC, Edinburgh

Here’s what you can expect from Abina Sjöholm, Ivona Vickovic, Jo Watts and Claudia Duffy at this year's groundbreaking women in tech conference in Edinburgh. These innovators will be sharing their knowledge of the sector and tips on how to succeed in a male-dominated industry, encouraging fellow female tech workers to progress in the field and smash that glass ceiling. They join over 40 speakers, from a selection of the world’s leading technology companies, and more than 600 attendees.

Join these influential change agents at Women in Tech Scotland, Edinburgh's top women in tech meet-up. Be inspired by the ecosystem's most influential women in technology, network with like-minded female founders, liaise with top Scottish tech companies and enhance your skills portfolio in a thought-provoking environment.

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Women in Tech Scotland

Abina Sjöholm, Tech Lead @ Financial Times


Abina Sjoholm


'Where Do You Come From? A Talk About Diversity in the Workplace', 3rd September at 11:35


As developers, we have the benefit of being able to work just about anywhere in the world. While other professions might require local licences etc, developers only need a computer and they're set to go. However, it doesn't mean that it's easy to start working in a different country.


You might think: "People do it all the time, how difficult can it be"? In this talk, Abina will highlight some of the difficulties you're likely to run into when you work abroad. She will share her experience of working in different countries and offer some food for thought on how to improve teamwork – regardless of where you are and who you work with.

Key takeaways include:


  • Yes, it does matter where you come from.
  • Team happiness will increase when the team members understand each other on a personal as well as a cultural level.


Ivona Vickovic, Principal Design Engineer @ Cirrus Logic

Ivona Vickovic

'Bridging: Increasing Communication and Knowledge Sharing Between Tech and Business Teams', 3rd September at 12:10

In many organisations, the business and technical teams often sit in different parts of the office and only communicate in a formal setting. This can lead to problems for both sides and ultimately hinder potential growth. In this session, attendees will see how we can encourage better collaboration and understanding to drive progress and better working.

Key takeaways include:

  • Building a feedback culture across teams for better transparency
  • Understanding the goals and drivers of the different teams
  • Communicating the non-monetary values of technical ideas for the business

Jo Watts, Founder @ Effini

Jo Watts-1

'Investing in Future Data Skills', 3rd September at 14:20

Scotland is rapidly becoming a leader in the field of data science and the demand for talent who can not only successfully manipulate and analyse vast amounts of data, but who can navigate and understand the value of different metrics and tell stories through data. In this session, we will look at how Data Science is evolving and what skills we need to be investing in to keep ahead in this space.

Key takeaways include:

  • Understanding the differences between different data science roles
  • Emphasising the importance of soft skills in understanding, collecting and interpreting data for real-world application
  • Choosing the correct tools and languages that'll underlie the roles of the future

Claudia Duffy, Founder @ Innovare IP

Claudia Duffy

The Role of IP (Intellectual Property) Assets in Business Growth and Scaling Up

Nowadays, it is generally accepted that in a knowledge-driven, competitive business environment, technological innovation is a principal determinant of successful performance. But, the role of intellectual property in innovation is often overlooked. Specifically, as technology continues to advance and develop, does the current system of intellectual property actually hinder innovation?

Key takeaways include:

  • Understanding exactly what intellectual property is and its impacts on business
  • Utilising intellectual property to reduce risk in taking innovative technology to market
  • Establishing that innovation is not the same as invention
  • Assessing intellectual property’s role in helping SMEs with access to financing and technical facilities

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Women in Tech Scotland

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