Women in Tech Scotland: A Note From the Producer

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Ahead of Women in Tech Scotland, Conference Producer Georgia Ermilios explains how the event is changing the face of tech

Women in Tech Scotland is a celebration of the exciting advancements in tech, the inspiring people behind them, and your role in the future of the Scottish tech industry.

With the number of digital jobs across Scotland increasing, we have got to take advantage of this boom. Not only to solidify the country’s position as a tech hub, but to push for intersectionality and inclusion across all functions and levels. Scotland currently leads the way for the UK in employing women in the tech sector and innovations in areas such as AI, Big Data and cloud computing. The opportunities available mean it’s not only an amazing time to be in tech, but to be a leading voice in the movement for positive change.

This year, we’re bringing you more focused content relevant to your needs. We have new features that will give you opportunities to step out of your comfort zone, debate key issues and hopefully even surprise yourself! You can view the agenda here. 

Take charge of your career, reach your goals, discover new goals. Connect with our community of over 600 fellow bada** women (and men!) changing the face of tech at Women in Tech Scotland 2019!